Professional Pilot


As a Professional Pilot, Howard’s services to his clients include serving as Chief Corporate Pilot or Personal Pilot, Acquisition of aircraft, Maintenance management of aircraft, Consultation and/or management of avionics upgrades, and Sale of aircraft (limited to those under management).

As an ATP/Commercial pilot and CFI rated in both single and multiengine land aircraft and in single engine seaplanes, Howard can fly clients in their own personally or corporately owned aircraft for business and pleasure.  He is proficient in both domestic US and international flights.  He can also serve as Pilot-In-Command during periods where an owner who has a Pilot Certificate, but has a current medical deficiency, may need a Professional Pilot to continue productive use of their aircraft until their medical issue is resolved.   Pilots who acquire an aircraft, but may not yet by qualified by the FAA (or by their insurance coverage) can use his services and receive training while they prepare to fly as Pilot-In-Command themselves.

These services can be scheduled on an hourly or daily basis, and can be on a recurrent schedule or on a on-demand schedule.  Howard does not provide Air Carrier or Commercial Operator flights to the general public and does not operate under 14 CFR part 121 or 135.  No charge may be made by any client to any external party for his services or for air transportation in their personally or corporately owned aircraft.