Flight Instruction

Flight Instruction is available to:

  • Clients who own their own aircraft
  • Members of the Boeing Employees Flying Association (BEFA)

Membership in BEFA is available to Boeing employees and retirees; Customer, Vendor and Government representatives stationed at Boeing (who hold a Boeing identification badge); and to Guest members who meet eligibility requirements.  For additional information about this process, contact Howard and see: BEFA Web Page and the BEFA Membership Information Pamphlet.

Instruction is available in the Airplane Category for these Certificates and Ratings:

         Private (SEL, SES, MEL)

         Commercial (SEL, SES, MEL)

         ATP (SEL, SES, MEL)

         Instrument Rating

In addition to instruction for certificates and rates, training is also available for the following:

          Flight Review [14 CFR Part 61.56]

          Instrument Proficiency Check [14 CFR Part 61.57 (d)]

          Addition of an Aircraft Category or Class [14 CFR Part 61.31 (d)]

          Complex Airplane Endorsement [14 CFR Part 61.31 (e)]

          High-Performance Airplane Endorsement [14 CFR Part 61.31 (f)]

          Pressurized Aircraft High Altitude Endorsement [14 CFR Part 61.31 (g)]

Instruction in Cirrus aircraft is based on the Cirrus Standardized Instructor Program (CSIP), completed in 2006 and renewed annually, and is available in both SR20 and SR22 aircraft, and includes either Avidyne or Cirrus Perspective (Garmin G1000) avionics. Training programs include:

          Initial Transition to Cirrus Aircraft (VFR or IFR)

          Recurrent Training for Cirrus Aircraft (VFR or IFR)

          Avionics Transition

          Airframe and Engine Transition

With an extensive knowledge of avionics, Howard has been asked by several clients to validate new avionics installations, and then has provided Flight Instruction on the new avionics to those clients.      

Clients can obtain expert Redbird FMX instruction and a full motion unit is available for training at the Boeing Employees Flying Association. (Membership in BEFA is not required for this training.)