Flying to Canada — RFS, 4-29-2017

Flying to Canada — Northwest Aviation Conference, 2-26-2017

Meet The Examiner — Northwest Aviation Conference, 2-25-2017

Presentation on ADS-B 2020 Update given at Flying Aviation EXPO 2015, Palm Springs, CA 10/17/2015

PowerPoint presentation tool for CFIs to explain Airworthiness to Student Pilots

Presentation on Tools and Practices to Improve Your Flying Safety given at the NW Aviation Convention and Trade Show, 2-21-2015

Presentation on ADS-B given at KPLU for EAA Chapter 326, 2-10-2015

Presentation on ADS-B given at Aviation Flying EXPO, Palm Springs, CA 11-1-2014

Presentations  on the Garmin GTN650

Trip reports for Cross Country trips in Howard’s Comanche 250

Other Presentations


Report of helping a client purchase his C182 and get it across the country to Seattle

FAA Interpretation on Flight Into Known Icing

Weight and Balance spreadsheets for a few aircraft (can be downloaded and customized for your aircraft)